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Linux VPS servers comprehensive Dell PowerEdge servers, storage HKNet NWT, supports unlimited domain, unlimited email, unlimited FTP, SSH remote management, low-volume to high dosage plan can meet the various needs of different enterprises.

EasyHost has the professional network technology to split large server into a virtual server (VPS). VPS not only has high flexibility and security as a stand-alone server, the greater rental fee for the decline. Only need low-cost, customers will be able to have an independent establishment of the station environment developed multifunctional website.

Linux - Virtual Server Plans
Server model Dell PowerEdge Server
Processor Intel Quad-Core Xeon x 2
Dedicated Memory#1 256MB 512MB 1024MB 2048MB
Most VPS Account No more than 20 VPS
Hard disk space 10GB SATA2
Raid 10 Mirror
Raid 10 Mirror
Raid 10 Mirror
Raid 10 Mirror
IP 1 1 1 1
Monthly Traffic 100GB 200GB 300GB 500GB
Fee/M#2 $ 180 $230 $290 $430

#1 Occupied by the new system memory of approximately 20MB (not installed any software)
#2 3 months in advance fee
* Default installation of CentOS, For other systems installed please apply indicate

伺服器服務 On the go OS system installation
No need rely on other people, without waiting a long time, install completely independent of any operating system.

Reboot the system at any time, in its sole
There is a press that is properly restart function to restart the server easily.

Dedicated memory and hard disk space
To exclusive physical memory and hard disk space to ensure that are not affected by other accounts, the website operator fast stable.

99.9% of the high-speed frequency online
2000MB of dedicated bandwidth, dual fiber-optic network operation

Anytime, anywhere remote control
No matter where you are, but also through the online platform, to control the web server settings.

Perfect backup solution
Dual hard disk synchronization backup to ensure that really protect