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Stable, secure and reliable data center hosting services, providing air-conditioning system, FM200 fire protection systems, uninterruptible power supply, improve the security system and CCTV monitoring, server hosting Storage in of HKNet or NWT data center, high-speed connectivity to all over the world.

In order to allow customers to more focus on the development of business, EasyHost provide customers with improved security and protection equipment data center environments, customer peace of mind storage servers and related equipment. For more customer demand for data traffic, we also provide an additional independent local or international bandwidth, stable connection with the multi-fiber optic network environment, to ensure that the customer's server times maintain a stable high-speed global connectivity.

托 管 價 目 表
Cabinet Space 1U 2U 3U 5U 10U
Size (mm) 600 x 850 x 45 600 x 850 x 90 600 x 850 x 135 600 x 850 x 225 600 x 850 x 450
IP 1 1 2 2 4
Bandwidth Local shared 100Mbps
Power supply 0.5A 0.5A 0.7A 0.9A 1.8A
Setup fee 免 費
Fee/M#1 $ 770 $970 $1170 $ 1370 $ 1800
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#1 6 months in advance fee
* Another independent local and overseas bandwidth Order
* Electricity consumption exceed service plan limitations, the company will receive each 0.5A HK $ 500 / month

伺服器服務 Lifting shockproof platform
The data center was built with the lifting earthquake ground moreover, to maintain normal room temperature. In addition, lifting shock platform can reduce electrostatic interference, providing a professional, high-quality environment storage server.

FM200 fire extinguishing system
The data center has FM200 fire extinguishing system, this system can quickly extinguished the fire, to ensure that the server and other electrical equipment business as usual.

Network control center
Multiple angles CCTV real-time monitoring of the engine room security, to solve the anomaly problem as quickly as possible. 24 hours a day to monitor network usage, multiple large displays to show network data transmission situation.

Powerful filtering cooling system
All our servers are fitted with positive pressure air filtration systems. Four large fan filtered air is drawn into the protective shell of each server ORDER which element is rapidly cooled. Meanwhile, in the case of clean air continuously fed, it is able to ensure that the dust is deadening outside the server.

Dedicated bandwidth of high-speed fiber-optic network
EasyHost local dedicated bandwidth fiber-optic network has been laid straight into HKIX. Already owned more than 2000MB of dedicated bandwidth of local and overseas, and run a dual fiber-optic network to strengthen the stability of the network and as a backup network.

Independent Power Supply System
UPS systems achieve three-industrial level, as a back-up power. UPS systems can stabilize the electricity supply from a power outage or any unexpected impact of a power failure, the continuing operation of the Internet can not rely on outside energy to run independently of each cabinet, each cabinet has a separate power supply.