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Maintenance services
Services Inspection and maintenance of the server, including device detection, record detection, and log files to replace, clean up the system temporary. HK$800/Month
Operating system updates Unix /Linux platforms
(proftpd / perl / mysql / apache / php / qmail / clamav / vpopmail / phpmyadmin)
Windows platforms
(IIS / additional asp Manual)
Software Installation Unix /Linux Platform
(tomcat / samba / additional php Manual)
Windows Platform
(perl / mysql / apache / php / vpn / SMTP)
Installation of non-standard configuration software Must be a genuine and legitimate software, the company responsible for the installation, customers need to own test installation effects. Depending on the software installed quotes
Application service configuration Web Server, FTP, Database, Email Server Configuration HK$500/Time up
Emergency Response Service Restart the server Free
Other Settings Instant email virus solutions
Web virus scanning program
Monitor the e-mail function
Basic anti-spam services
Additional FTP accounts