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We use the best fiber-optic network equipment with a high-capacity bandwidth line access for the operation, a premium has been stable BPG-4 / BPG-6 network is built using the strongest network, including (SingTel)(Hutchison Telecom) (Wharf telecommunications) and HKIX (Hong Kong Internet Exchange Center), and so on. Moreover, we have multiple network lines received more effectively to enhance our network.

We are using the most advanced Cisco 7200 series routers and Cisco 6500 series switches. All internal and external connection lines to fiber optic. Also, all networks with the back-up connection system, to ensure that 99.99% is keeping online.

- Stable temperature and humidity control and superb ventilation system
- Advanced FM200 fire protection system
- Strict security system
- Perfect network emergency measures to prevent the sudden accident
- Highly effective network security system
- Excellent network connection system, the use of asynchronous transfer technology to connect to the network backbone of Hong Kong and the world Internet
- Very high bandwidth capacity Internet exchange services
- DDS, Asynchronous Transfer and Ethernet network connections, free local Internet exchange services
- To provide new Internet services to cater for business needs
- 24 hours of network and security monitoring
- 24 x 7 technical support and inquiries