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Value Picks of hosting services, just getting started, you! As low as 41 yuan a month, most Internet station program to set up a dedicated website, but at the same time with a variety of high-quality features for you to use, can always upgrade to a more advanced program with flexible business development.

Capacity : 1 GB Prepaid time : 12 months
OS : Linux / Windows Discount : 5%
Traffic(Month) : Unlimited Total : $463
POP3 Email : 5 Monthy Fee: $38
Setup Fee : Relieve! *Minimum 12 months prepaid

Basic functions
  Linux Windows
Establish fees Free Free
(Including web & e-mail)
Traffic #2 Unlimited Unlimited
Domains 5 5
POP3 Email 5 5
No. of databases 5 5
No. of FTP 5 5
Setup fees Free Free
Monthly Fee $ 41.00 Up $ 41.00 Up
One Year Prepayment $ 488.00 $ 488.00
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#1 Web Hosting space
This capacity is the total number of customers all capacity, e-mail space capacity is still included, do not use e-mail can be ignored.

#2 Traffic
Unlimited traffic, but can not provide third-party download third-party service, more details, please refer to the Terms of Service.

Email function
  Linux Windows
POP3 Email #3 5 5
(Including web & e-mail)
Group Email List
The Basic SMTP server (port 25)
Web e-mail system
No. of databases
Automatically Forwarded
Antivirus Filtering

#3 POP3 e-mail accounts account is opened, the system will automatically generate an e-mail account (for example: user@yourdomain.com) This e-mail accounts can not be deleted, but can be used normally, but not be able to select the account name, the customer is important to note that prior to the application. Services such as 10 e-mail accounts, customers can choose to open nine custom e-mail accounts, but still 10.

Web Production Function
  Linux Windows
No. of MySQL 5 5
Zend Optimizer
File Management
Hosting Platform


Other features
  Linux Windows
Additional FTP 1 1
Sub-domain 5 5
Website charts
Domain Redirect
Daily automatic backup#4
PHP Supports
MSN Online Customer Service
24-hour host monitoring
Firewall security systems
Service high-speed stability guarantee

#4 Daily automatic backup data daily automatic backup of the data table hosting customers only security, does not mean that we will restore your data to customers. But a reasonable case for the client to restore data.

Service plan upgrade
When you found existing service programs failing to meet the need, you can always contact our upgrade service plans.