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Do you feel superfluous and confusing of the spam escalation? Especially during public holidays, spam raging during the peak period, is time to say: "STOP!" In fact, it might cause a huge diversity of consequence by using different kinds of anti-spam software or system. Some may deleted everything even the normal mails or the spam is too new or too strong that they cannot identify the problem to make further reaction. What you need is an artificial intelligence system to learn and analysis each case.

防毒及垃圾電郵過濾 Free anti-virus and spam filtering Super System
‧internationally recognized spam and virus e-mail blacklist filtering
‧The smart filter message content rating
‧Customized email filtering system

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Advanced Anti Spam Firewall
Barracuda Spam Firewall, accurate analysis and filtering junk e-mail, to provide additional protection for your

‧12 layers of tight defense filter layer
‧Automatically update the database of spam
‧Custom domain email black / white list
‧Multilingual, easy-to-use console                                      Monthy Fee $50 Up