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More than 9000 domain names have been launched by our (parking) under the free monthly plan, users can retain certain suitable domain names of international or Hong Kong, to avoid being scooped

Before using our services, if you have not yet registered a domain name, welcome to use our domain search function to access the domain, and now grasp the opportunity to register the target domain. We provide comprehensive support Chinese domain name, please register to use.

Domain name application conditions and annual fees
Domain name Eligibility criteria Standard annual fee
With Hosting (HKD)
Standard annual fee
Domain Only(HKD)
Any persons, groups may apply. 150 200
.com.hk Required to provide the business registration certificate issued by the Hong Kong SAR Government Inland Revenue Department; or overseas company registration certificate issued by the Registrar of Companies of Hong Kong SAR Government. 250 300
.org.hk Required to provide documents to prove that it is a legal non-profit organization of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, belonging to non-profit organizations or by the Registrar of Companies for registration of a certificate of registration issued by the Hong Kong Police Force Societies or other approved non-profit organizations. 250 300
.edu.hk To have a certificate of registration issued by the Education Department of the Hong Kong SAR Government, Hong Kong SAR, tertiary institutions, colleges, or other similar nature institutions. 250 300
Hong Kong SAR resident and those who hold a valid Hong Kong identity card is required to submit to the hosting company . if the applicant is below 18 years old, the application form must commit the conjunction of signature and login by his/her parents / guardians (as appropriate) in conjunction , the parent / guardian and birth certificate are required to provide their own copy of Hong Kong Identity Card / Guardian a copy of the certificate (if applicable). 200 250
.hk Any persons, groups can submit the application of the documents and application three categories. "Hk" domain is required to submit any documents (domain name, such as: com.hk / company hk,. Org.hk /. Organizations. Hk,. Edu . hk /. educational hk as well. Government .. idv.hk / personal. hk) 300 350
Copy of identity document. org.cn required to provide effective domestic enterprises a copy of the business license or organization code certificate and registration contact. 1000 1050
Any persons, groups may apply. 500 550

#Reserved domain names and the restricted domain details please refer HKDNR & HKIRC: reserved domain name

#Registration cn domain name needs to be subject to the terms and conditions of the Chinese domain registrar CNNIC. For further information, please contact the Customer Service Officer.