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DNS Hosting service lets our customers manage their domain names apply to different IP addresses with a one-stop service, by using a user-friendly online platform tellingly ,

Regardless of whether your domain name registration by U domain or any kinds of your domain name (support Chinese domain name) can take advantage of this platform to configure your DNS records, including A, MX, C Name TXT ", customers can take advantage of DNS Hosting to setup a company domain-email system with Gmail, Capitalize on the free online resources.

Moreover, our 24-hour technical service hotline helps our clients to maintain their service and to make response to their enquiries.

Monthly fee: HKD 25 Installation fee: HKD 150
#12 months required prepayment fee #Does not include domain name registration fees
#Modify the DNS settings HK $ 150 per

DNS服務 What is DNS?
DNS stands for Domain Name System (Domain Name System), and the domain name server (Domain Name Server) is also referred to as DNS, is a text URL into the IP address of the server. When you type the URL in the browser http://www.easyhost.com.hk DNS will search our site for you IP address (, then you sent us here. Without the help of the DNS, we must keep in mind the IP address of the site before visiting. The importance of the domain name server that can control the domain name and IP address mutual people more convenient access to online information, the machine can only be read directly without having to remember the IP number combinations.

Can enjoy UDomain the DNS service through other companies registered domain name?
Of course. Even if your domain name and web hosting in other companies, our professional services and advanced system can also help increase your domain management performance. DNS server (Domain Name Server) will only be changed: ns1.easthost.com.hk, you can use the DNS service.