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EasyHost is a sizable licensed telecommunications company, has many years of professional experience in the industry, the franchise server rental and hosting service, extensive business and professional services, including dedicated server, virtual server (VPS), cloud server, the serverleased, web hosting and design, and so on.

EasyHost mainly for the U.S. market over the years, in recent years the business continue to expand, saw the rapid development of the Asian network, established in 2011, the Infrant Web Host Limited (EASYHOST SOLUTION LIMITED) take root in Hong Kong focusing on developing Asian markets, attract more in Asia and Greater China clients. Us to be creative and enterprising culture, coupled with the rapid development of the Internet and mobile communications, it is the cornerstone of business growth.

EasyHost's customer network throughout a wide range, including Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, the United States and Canada, and other enterprises, many of the well-known enterprises and small and medium enterprises, the part of the seller is the existing name of the network service pioneer and suppliers, thanksthey have always supported. Their support and use from Infrant network library has been trying to stick to reliable, professional and a sincere quality service, to create impressive client network plan.

All along, EasyHost through direct sales, reduce operating costs, and our customers get the best products and services at best value prices. Infrant network library more customers at the same time to provide a comprehensive system shared environment, develop personal career; may also choose to provide us with an independent operating system, after-sales support services, assisting numerous small and medium-sized enterprises and groups of individuals entrepreneurial dream of success in life.

We have invested a lot of resources in order to meet the needs of different customers, purchase and keep a variety of computer software, hardware, server group, the data center and its bandwidth traffic, direct access to the international network backbone of a number of local and international carriers., to provide the best service for our customers - high-speed, security, and stability.

In addition, our professional network engineers will always monitor the system and provide all-day 24-hour 365-day technical support services, ready to troubleshoot for customers: on the one hand, to prevent irregular or illegal activities, in order to protect the customer sitedata security and normal to send and receive e-mail; another can also monitor network speed and stability, in response to customer demand in different countries to make targeted adjustments, bring your technical assistance at any time. Infrant network library also has a range of safe and reliable equipment to protect customers' information and privacy, including a daily data backup system, backup servers, firewalls, and so on.

EaayHost known for aggressive and quality high efficiency but inexpensive server rental service mission. Its professional management team, with the enthusiasm of customer service commitment is key to the success of the Company.