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  [ 2012-03-26 ] EasyHost launch new online application system.  
  [ 2012-03-11 ] Emergency notice" overseas line the affected  
  [ 2011-05-11 ] HKIX malfunction report  
海外頻寬EASYHOST SOLUTION LIMITED is a Hong Kong  licensed telecom company, has many years of professional experience in the industry, specializes in server leased and hosting services, business extensive and professional service, including exclusive server, virtual server (VPS), cloud server, the server rent, web hosting and design, and so on.

Easy to save network library for many years mainly aimed at the United States market, in recent years the business continues to expand, certain Asia network development is rapid, in 2011 set up easy save network library co. LTD. (EASYHOST SOLUTION LIMITED) roots Hong Kong main expand the Asian market, attracting more Asian and the greater China customers.Our innovative and enterprising culture, plus the Internet and mobile communication rapid development, it is the foundation of business growth.

In order to suit the needs of different clients, we put a lot of resources in purchase and constantly update all kinds of computer software, hardware, server group, data centre and its bandwidth flow, direct access between many local and international telecommunications business of the international network backbone, to provide the best services - high speed, safety and stability.

I3 Server
Intel Core I3-2100 3.1G
Memory: 2G DDR3
Capacity: 320GB SATA2
Dedicated Server Monthly Fee: $988
I7 Server
Intel Core I7-2600 3.4G
Memory: 4G DDR3
Capacity: 500G SATA2
Dedicated Server Monthly Fee: $1,488
E3 Server
Intel XEON E3-1230 3.20G
Memory: 4G DDR3
Capacity: 500G SATA2
Dedicated Server Monthly Fee: $1,688
DELL 300
Intel XEON E5420 2.40G X 2
Memory: 16G DDR2 AMB
Capacity: 300G SAS X2
Dedicated Server Monthly Fee: $2,388
Value Picks Hosting
Capacity: 1GB
Traffic: Unlimited
E-mail account: 5
Dedicated Server Monthly Fee: $41
Standards Hosting
Capacity: 2GB
Traffic: Unlimited
E-mail account: 10
Dedicated ServerMonthly Fee: $65
Professional Hosting
Capacity: 5GB
Traffic: Unlimited
E-mail account: 15
Dedicated ServerMonthly Fee: $82
Enterprise Hosting
Capacity: 10GB
Traffic: Unlimited
E-mail account: 20
Dedicated ServerMonthly Fee: $156

E-mail account: 10
E-mail Capacity: 2GB
Auto-Responders: Unlimited
Dedicated ServerMonthly Fee: $38
E-mail account: 20
E-mail Capacity: 3GB

Dedicated Server 月費: $68
E-mail account: 30
E-mail Capacity: 5GB
Auto-Responders: Unlimited
Dedicated Server 月費: $138
E-mail account: 50
E-mail Capacity: 10GB
Auto-Responders: Unlimited
Dedicated Server 月費: $258